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Gear Heads Cruise

Click Here To Watch On Youtube! A Drive With The Gear Heads Crew Today I went for a drive/cruise with my Gear Heads crew.   We brought the whips out to stretch their legs.  It was definitely a spirited drive, but we didn’t get extra crazy with it (ie. white lining).  We had a grey […]

BMW 335i steering wheel cover n55 e90


Click Here To Watch On Youtube! BMW Alcantara Steering Wheel Cover Install Today I’m installing an Alcantara Steering Wheel Cover from BMW.  The original cover on my Bimmer looks like   The sticker paint was peeling off.  I tried taking off the rest of it, but it was taking too long and it still looked […]

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BMW 335i vs Honda Civic

Click Here To Watch On Youtube! I Raced A Honda Civic At Raceway Park Due to COVID-19 pretty much all the race tracks that are close by have been closed, and they just started opening back up.  I haven’t had a chance to go to any tracks as yet because I’ve been working on the […]

BMW M850i Test Drive and Review

Click Here To Watch On Youtube! I Test Drove This 2019 BMW M850i Today I got to test drive the 2019 BMW M850i. To describe this car in one word would be AWESOME! I can only imagine that the BMW M8 Competition must be even more awesomer than this M850i. Let’s talk about some performance […]

BMW M5 dash with speedometer and tachometer

BMW E90 335i vs BMW E39 M5

Click Here To Watch On Youtube! My BMW E90 335i N55 crushes this BMW E39 M5 S62 in this street race! I was on my way back home from a car show with some friends. My boy pulled up in his M5 at a stoplight. He mentioned that my 335i sounds like a turbo diesel. […]


BMW 330i

My BMW 330i If you read the About Me page then you should know that my first BMW was a 2006 e90 330i with the sports package.  This model is pretty rare because it only came as a sedan, and it had the upgraded N52 naturally aspirated engine, and it was a 2006 model only.   The […]

Red Hood

First Time

This is my first blog post ever.  I’ve used Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and some other social media outlets (albeit not that much) before however, this is my first “official” blog site.  My blog is dedicated to everything car-related.  Basically whatever I choose to write about.  This is my World!  I might write about Bimmers, Ferrari’s, […]