My BMW 330i

If you read the About Me page then you should know that my first BMW was a 2006 e90 330i with the sports package.  This model is pretty rare because it only came as a sedan, and it had the upgraded N52 naturally aspirated engine, and it was a 2006 model only.   The following year 2007 they replaced the e90 330i with the e90 335i that came with the new n54 twin-turbo engine.  

I bought the e90 with a salvage title, from a local used car dealership.  When I saw the car at the dealership the body was in great condition, the interior was also in great condition, and the engine had some oil on it (not a big deal). One thing that stood out immediately was that it didn't have an airbag. This instantly threw up a red flag in my head. I asked the salesman where's the airbag, and he said it was stolen while parked on the street. It sounded a little fishy, so later that day I Googled the VIN. I looked through Google images and saw a picture of the car on a salvage auction website. It had minor front bumper damage, but the driver airbag deployed.  I also found out that the car had a salvage title. Basically, the used car dealer replaced the bumper, and they were charging a little more than what the car was worth in excellent condition.  The next day I test drove the car and it was great.  I wanted the car, but there was no way in hell I was going to pay what they were asking for.  I told the dealer that I found out the car was in an accident and has a salvage title.  I also mentioned the oil leaks around the engine.  By doing this I was able to get a very good deal on the car.   The moral of the story boys and girls do your research when shopping for a used car.  You might even want to consider getting a pre-purchase inspection. Some used car dealers are shady and will cut corners to get a sale.

BMW 330i

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